Incarceration Nation

Everyday People

By Kevin Cooper

Damn near each and everyday within this country innocent people are murdered by the police; most of which make no sense to us who are most often their victims.

So, will you stop and think about the list of names of everyday people, such as you and I, who happen to be poor and minority? Whether they be women, men, or girls and boys who have shared the same tragic fate as Trayvon Martin.

I have tried to do this, but I can’t, and may never be able to! Why? Because the list is too damn long! It’s a never-ending list of names that keeps growing and growing, and growing! You can look these everyday people’s names up on the Internet, if you’re not afraid to learn the names of the thousands of poor people who were murdered by the white supremacists who are allowed to carry guns and use them at their will to murder minorities.

Here are just a few—a very few—names for you to see and read, in case you don’t have access to the Internet, or are too busy to search for this truth. These few names of the people who were murdered by law enforcement, or the cops’ admirers and supporters (like George Zimmerman), will never tell the whole story of what takes place all across this country.

Emmett Till, Alan Blueford, Oscar Grant Jr., Idriss Stelley, Sean Bell, Tyrone Brown, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Alonzo Ashley, James Rivera, Rekia Boyd, Victor Steen, Kelly Thomas, Ernesto Duenez, Aaron Campbell, Kenneth Chamberlin Sr., Derek Williams, Jonathan Ferrell, Timothy Russell, Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham, Robert Dumas Jr., Manuel Diaz, Andy Lopez. The list of names goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on....

Will your name be added to this ever-growing list one day? After all, you’re everyday people, just like they were!

Kevin Cooper is an innocent man on Death Row.

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