Letter to the Editors

Dear Editors,

Jamaica Hampton1 is in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital. He was gunned down by pigs at the San Francisco Police Department as he was running away in fear for his life. This is a clear example of the oppression dealt out on a daily basis to the communities that the police are supposed to be protecting. This is evidence of the capitalist government's war on people. This was an assault on the life of Jamaica Hampton, and this was an assault on the entire community.

We are sick and tired of burying friends and family members and bearing the heartache caused by an unbalanced oppressive system only sustained by our blood sweat and tears. it's time we hold the system's cronies and goons accountable.

(SFPD and all police departments: You claim to be fighting crime, that stems from the oppressive system you work for, so you are a counterproductive remedy to a symptom of a systemic failure. It's like giving a shot of whiskey to someone dying of liver failure. I'm not trying to change how you think. I'm not trying to pull on your heartstrings. I'm communicating from my soul to yours and I hope you hear it. I hope you understand and see this is not just another perspective. It is a clear view of the truth.)

Society suffers from the manifestation of our collective-defective human character traits such as self-centeredness, greed, pride and ego run riot-without constraint or direction. It's a disease of capitalism in the same way a person suffers from the disease of addiction.

We live in a constant state of deep-seated fear from knowing this system is willing to kill, not only people, but life on earth as we know it, to assist the siphoning of wealth out of the earth and working class into the hands of the ruling capitalists class who happens to be the minority at only one percent of the world's population, which completely contradicts the idea of majority rule.

When people feel afraid, traumatized, oppressed, powerless and without healthy productive ways of coping, as we do in society, we tend to become self-destructive. This applies both on an individual level as well as collectively in society. We experience what's referred to as the gift of desperation from active addiction and realize, that in order to recover, we must abstain from participating in the behavior of active drug use. Then with the unity of group consciousness led by a set of guiding universal principles, together we come up with solutions to heal and ways to cope with life, first and foremost, by not participating in active addiction-not using. This is the only way known to man proven to be affective in healing and recovering from the manifestation of our ego driven without constraint or direction-the lifestyle of addiction. And this can be applied to society as a whole in order to heal from the collective self-destructive lifestyle that is a direct result of the capitalist systems. Cause and effect is real.

As we speak, to save themselves, capitalist in power are planning to colonize Mars because they foresee earth becoming inhabitable due to the destruction caused by their capitalist system. Like a big, spoiled kid with toys and candy they don't wanna share, ironically, with we who actually create the wealth, they're attempting an escape from the earth they will have destroyed.

The struggle for revolution ain't about the poor getting rich because, like it or not, "A rich man's heaven is a poor man's hell" (Peter Tosh). The cost of "doing business" always lands on the backs of the working poor especially in Third World countries.

It's about, we the majority, accepting responsibility, becoming accountable, and creating a system of production that is not driven by the profit motive but instead driven by the common good of life on earth. A system guided by universally humanitarian principles and participation in the production of human needs from each person according to one's ability, and the distribution of these goods to each person according to their needs.

The next step in human social evolution out of the destructive lifestyle of capitalism is socialism. Not socialized aspects of government and production, but a worldwide socialist workers' revolution.

In order to heal we must abstain from participating in a destructive lifestyle and self-destructive behavior.

There's a lot to be grateful for and even more reason to fight for justice. The positive aspect is that there is hope. We can organize and unite in solidarity to take our spirit back from the grips of the capitalist system.

We have all the ability and the answers are ingrained in our DNA. We just have to be willing to take an honest look at the part we play, and accept this lifestyle no longer serves a purpose. The cost of capitalism greatly outweighs the benefits, and it's time for Real Change.

-Johnny Gould, January 3, 2020

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1 "Jamaica Hampton: San Francisco Police Department addresses public at 'town hall' meeting following December 7, 2019 shooting"