Letter to the Editors

Letter to the Editors

Dear Editors,

Some thoughts on communism, i.e., living together as one. We once lived as one with the earth and universe. We weren't somehow separate or above other forms of life. We just were people-animals among the animals. Then we developed civilization, and began drawing lines and creating categories and set judgments based off of these designs. We began to live separately from those who weren't in our category. We started to mine the earth for ore for weapons. We no longer viewed earth as the giver of life and began to see it as property, and let greed and pride overtake and drive human relationships and society.

We have gotten to the point where the evidence is clear and we are beginning to realize that in order to live as a species on this planet, we need to remember what it is to live with the earth and together as one. Let's balance our collective priorities so our grandchildren's grandchildren don't have to live in a space station. It's about facing facts and accepting the reality that the capitalist way of life has outlived its usefulness in human history and evolution. It's not easy, like growing up in a dysfunctional home thinking that it's normal until something devastating happens. Well it's happening, we are in a state of collective suicide, but we can change the trajectory of humanity-life on Mars is NOT a solution. The theory, practice and system based on living together as one in solidarity, is the solution. United by our essential commonalities let's live in celebration of our diversity.

Com: together

Uni: the unit for measurement of the number one

Ism: a practice system or philosophy

Communism: The practice system and philosophy of living together as one.

Leaders of revolutions are leaders of evolution.

And we need as many as we can get.

Let's us, the masses of people, join hands and arms to build sustainable peace.

-Johnny Gould, November 12, 2020

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