Incarceration Nation

MOVE Family Says: Free Mumia!

MOVE family statement regarding the “apology” by Philadelphia officials
for the 1985 bombing of their home.

December 7, 2020—ONA MOVE Everybody!

This is a statement from the MOVE family to let y’all know that the MOVE family ain’t interested in no apology from any officials in Philadelphia for the 1985 bombing of our family, causing the murder of 11 of our MOVE family members (five of our children and six of our adult sisters and brothers.) If city officials are sincere about rectifying the debacle of 1985, they

would release our brother, Mumia Abu-Jamal immediately! They can’t give us back our 11 family members they murdered in 1985, but they can give us back our brother, Mumia Abu-Jamal, who has been in prison 39 years for a crime he didn’t commit, and everybody knows this—including the mouthpiece for the Fraternal Order of Police—Maureen Faulkner. MOVE is saying that if Philadelphia officials think offering an apology is the answer, they should be offering apologies to the families of Walter Wallace, Winston Hood, William Green and the families of the countless other victims of police brutality and murder in the city of so-called “Brotherly Love.”

We’re saying an apology without action is meaningless!

Release Mumia Abu-Jamal! Long Live John Africa!

—The MOVE Family