Incarceration Nation

Beware of the Mumia Clause

By Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

Senator Sharif Street and Representative Jason Dawkins introduced identical new parole eligibility bills for Death By Incarceration/Life Without Parole (DBI/LWOP) prisoners in the Pennsylvania State’s Senate and House. Both SB135 and HB135, respectively, are very disturbing. Senator Street and Representative Dawkins have shamelessly introduced a Mumia Abu-Jamal Clause within the bills on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.)

And what is the Mumia Clause of the bills one may ask? It is the last paragraph, of the final page within the bills, that stipulates that the Parole Board cannot consider or grant parole to any person convicted of murdering a police officer.

Hold up. Is this bill saying what I think it’s saying? That police officer’s lives matter more than the lives of every other citizen in society, in particular, Black and Brown lives in America? Of course, it is!

Wait a minute. Let’s put this into its proper perspective. So, are these unsavory bills really trying to say that the same police officers who have been hatefully killing Black and Brown men, women and children unmercifully in the streets of America—are they saying their lives don’t matter as much as the police? Are these same police officers—like the recent criminally indicted Philly Police Detective Phillip Nordo and the Philly crime syndicate, and over a 100 known criminal Police Officers like him on the D.A.’s “No Call List,” who’ve framed innocent Black and Brown people for murder and other serious crimes for over half-a-century—are they really trying to seek a parole eligibility exception for the conviction of killing such a police officer? The nerve!

What makes police officer’s lives more special than every other human being on the planet?

The Philly Police Department framed Mumia Abu-Jamal for murder of a police officer—just like they framed many other innocent people languishing in Pennsylvania prisons with DBI/LWOP sentences for murder of police officers.

All persons in prison convicted of murder should have the equal opportunity for parole review. They mustn’t be excluded on the say-so of the FOP.

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