Incarceration Nation

Letter to My Prison Oppressors

By Jonnie Mccolum

May peace be upon the nefarious elements who work tirelessly to stultify my progress. Just so you know, it will take nations of you fainthearted oppressors to even come close.

It’s because of you I rise victoriously every morning to fortify my mind, body and soul against error and weakness, in order to thoroughly make use of tools at my disposal. Your diabolical stratagems and bloodshed will never be forgotten no matter the adversity I’m faced with,

When you saw I wouldn’t adhere to your institutional agenda of non-confrontational compliance you initiated tactics of administrative repression against me by taking away my parole when I was eight weeks away from going home, giving me a year parole hit, put me in the Restricted Housing Unit (RHU), transferred me to another facility and threw away my intellectual/personal property.

In spite of your futile attempts to corrupt the moral fabric of my foundation I remained steadfast in my disposition—helping raise the consciousness of those around me, highlighting the effects of mass incarceration capitalism, illiteracy, poverty, and ecological injustice, the role we play in this, and what’s expected of us for a genuine transformation to take place.

I am aware of how you sought to destroy some of our most esteemed warriors in this treacherous battle. The fight of Steven Biko, Comrade George Jackson and Geronimo Ji Jaga (may all rest in power) is presently united with mine. That’s how I am able to remain implacable in spite of your petty systematic obstructions. The spirits of Malcom X, Kwame Ture and Fred Hampton stand in my favor to help dismantle your exploitative, corrupt system whose gain is predicated on my demise.

At this point there is nothing you can do to harm me. Although, I am still physically confined in bedlam, mentally I have already dedicated myself towards being a constituent in the mass mobilization of resources to destroy your capitalist system.

We already came to the conclusion that your prison complex system is not to be reformed because it provides a pacification effect. It’s designed to calm us down and endure the psychological abuse in the moment while praying for you to reform the future.

False consciousness describes the tendency of liberal reforms to dupe those at the bottom of the social and economic hierarchy with promises of equality, fairness and neutrality.

I will dedicate every breathing second towards waking my people up out of this menticidel bliss! Comrade George Jackson said, “where conditions for revolutions don’t exist, they must be manufactured!”

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