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Jeffrey Sandusky: Like Father, Like Son

By Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

The Sandusky name is back in the news again for allegedly corrupting the morals of minors. Except this time the news is not the sins of the father, former Penn State Assistant football Coach Jerry Sandusky, who was convicted of multiple crimes against children in 2013, but it is the sins of the son, Jeffrey Sandusky.

Monday, Pennsylvania police announced Jerry Sandusky’s son, Jeffrey, had been accused of child abuse hauntingly similar to that by his father. 

Court records show that Jeffrey Sandusky is charged with 14 counts, including criminal solicitation and corruption of minors. The record stated that the two victims were minors with whom Sandusky had daily contact and that he is accused of asking one girl to send him nude photos via text message and another to perform oral sex on him.

Did I mention that Jeffrey Sandusky is a prison guard at the State Correctional Institution-Rockview in State College, home of Penn State University? Yes, he is. And due to the serious nature of the accusations, Jeffrey Sandusky has been suspended by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Jeffrey Sandusky’s charges come as no surprise to prisoners at SCI-Rockview. Some prisoners report that Jeffrey Sandusky was a bit off-kilter, while others state how he was a miserable hard-ass who gave them disciplinary reports for receiving an extra slice of bread or cup of milk on their meal trays.

Jeffrey Sandusky’s fellow guards state how weird he was and have distanced themselves from knowing him by placing his arresting mug shot on their “Wall of Shame” for prison guards who have committed criminal acts. 

I had my personal experience with Jeffrey Sandusky at SCI-Rockview, too. I asked Jeffrey Sandusky if he was of any relation to Jerry Sandusky and he answered that he was not. However, my suspicions proved true. Lo and behold, Jeffrey Sandusky is the son of convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky. Sad to say, but like father, like son.

Prison Radio, February 16, 2017

Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall is Co-Founder and Editor of The Movement magazine, Prison Radio Correspondent, founding member of the Human Rights Coalition (HRC) and a Child Life-sentenced prisoner.

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