Incarceration Nation

Truth and Injustice

By Dellano Cleveland

On April 20, 2017, the State of Arkansas began a murder spree of eight men, in a nefarious and desperate attempt not to seek justice, but because the drug, midazolam, the first drug that is used to murder a human being, is to expire.

These so-called guardians of justice want society to believe they care for the victims when, in fact, it’s the furtherance of a political career that is important. It’s on the backs of the victims how they get there.

Justice should never be based solely upon revenge, or because you have more wealth to avoid punishment. Justice is about fairness and righteousness for every person, not because you can afford a dream-team of lawyers.

Revenge is what any person would want if asked. But you have a very violent and selfish justice system that costs taxpayers over $180 billion a year. It’s a system that is known for its racism and unequal treatment of poor people who can’t afford to pay an attorney. I couldn’t pay for an attorney. And 15 years after being on California’s death row, I find out my appointed lawyer was paid only $961.00 to defend me against the death penalty. Twenty-six years later I’m still on California’s death row, fighting a system that prides itself on true justice and its American way…until it comes to people like Ledell Lee, or Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

This is a system that rears its ugly horns and reveals its true identity as a vicious, inhumane beast that will lie to the very people they pretend to help, while prisons like Texas are attempting to smuggle sodium Thiopental from a foreign vendor since July 2015. These are the unscrupulous choices that this so-called justice system has resorted to by secretly smuggling drugs, according to the Dallas Morning News.

This justice system will remain unjust until society demands an unequivocal justice system that is not corrupted in racism and unjust treatment of its citizenry.

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