Letter to the Editors

Forced Sterilization

By Dellano Cleveland

On January 27, 2017 the California Department of Corrections and so-called Rehabilitation has allowed the GlobalTelLink and its corporate partners to influence its decision to place a full body scanning x-ray machine to use at will on its inmate population without proper suspicion of any wrongdoing.

This is nothing more than the prison industrial complex and its corporations (GlobalTelLink) and others protecting their principal interests at all costs.

The prison industrial complex wants for the public to believe that there's been an explosion of criminal activity, which is a never-ending perpetuating deception the prison industrial complex and the corporate contracts that are being protected, with no evidence of criminal convictions to justify its forced sterilization of its prison population.

This full body x-ray machine is not safe as alleged by the company-Compass. It is a fact that x-ray machines can raise the cancer rate by 40 percent; tumors by 50 percent; leukemia by 70 percent. They can create problems such as with the thyroid gland. Multiple x-rays have been linked to bone-marrow cancer.

If you refuse to be x-rayed, you are then taken to a cell by force where you are placed on a gurney, hands and feet strapped to a bed. You are placed in a diaper and you have to defecate a minimum of two times. Imagine the disrespect and embarrassment it is to be subjected to when you have not been found guilty of anything. It's like your wife is driving to work and the police pull her over and tell her she's being searched because he wants to. How would you feel?

Just because we're in prison for a crime doesn't mean we should be tortured with radiation.

The prison industrial complex and its corporate cronies have continued to conspire to find ways to keep the flow of kickbacks/bribes to the Department of Prisons by protecting their $500-plus million a year in revenue from prisoners' loved ones they are subjecting this radiation to..

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