Letters to the editor

Message from Front for Colombian Socialism (FECOPES)

The United States is beginning to use the same tactics of torture and political persecution like they have been using in Colombia and throughout the world. Down with Capitalism! Long Live Socialism! —FECOPES

For those of us in FECOPES that have come to this country because the political, social, and economic persecution in Colombia, we neither despair for what the Colombian and the United States government call the annihilation of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) nor because they are coming to the houses of those who have dared to talk about Colombia and asked for a dialogue between the government of Colombia and the FARC.

We know that they are resorting to these tactics because that is what they know how to do in order to intimidate people by lying and portraying the revolutionaries, the freedom fighters, as terrorists They have done this over and over again and may be able to succeed temporarily but in the end the truth will prevail.

That truth, brothers and sisters, is that the real terrorists are the governments of Colombia and the United States who supported the last president of Colombia, knowing that Mr. Uribe is a narco-trafficker which is number 82 in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) list right here in the USA.

Right now the Obama administration is supporting the government of Santos in Colombia knowing that Mr. Santos is the boss of the paramilitary which is responsible for the disappearance of over 50 thousand people in Colombia and for the largest common grave found in the whole continent.

El Frente Colombiano por el Socialismo called on the progressive and human right workers to show their solidarity and denounce the FBI and all the forces of oppression and demand and end to the military intervention in Colombia and an end to the persecution and harassment of the antiwar, anti-imperialist organizers, in particular to the International Action Center and the Colombian Action Network.

FECOPES415@HOTMAIL.COM, September 2010