Letters to the editor

Letter to the Editor Decaying Inside America’s Control Units on the States Terms

By Brother Khalil Bennett # DX-9353

My name is Brother Khalil, and I am the state’s new Afrikan Political Prisoner/Freedom Fighter, who has been illegally captured by the establishment as a result of underprivileged vs. underprivileged drug/gang wars. The same wars that were financed, designed and manipulated through the hierarchy of government officials, i.e., George W. Bush and Colonel Oliver North, through the Contra drug trade.

Since 1977 the dictatorship in the U.S. has held me under allegedly a first degree murder charge, sentencing me to life without parole, plus 12 to 24 years inside their treacherous warehouses and/or dungeons. Thus, very much in concert with prior revolutionaries such as Malcolm X, George Jackson, Monster Kody Scott, this unfortunate battlefield is where I gained my consciousness of the class struggle, including regaining an identity I can actually call my own.

While blooming in a new minority outcast arena, attacks upon me became common and dangerous by armed prison turn-keys (guards) and my fellow peers, sparking me to naturally defend myself against racist, draconian and corrupt Department of Corrections officials.

Un-coincidental, on January 14, 2004, two prison guards and a proven state informant were stabbed. Afterwards, I was accused, charged, tortured, then constantly sanctioned.

Now here I am, almost seven years later, still trapped in Pennsylvania’s hardcore isolation unit SMU (Special Management Unit) program under abusive conditions, enduring excruciating pain to my swelled-up, abnormal knee, being denied proper medical attention.

In Solidarity! In Struggle!

Brother Khalil Bennet

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The Firing of Stanley A. McChrystal

By Joe Johnson

The commander of our big, ten-year war in the Middle East is fired by Obama and no one says anything about it during a hotly contested election. Obama, who is severely attacked by the Republicans for most everything including his birth, is not attacked for firing a four-star general in the middle of a war!

In fact, after only a very brief period of publicity after the firing, no one has said anything more. It’s as quiet as a tomb, a dead issue.

Strange! Very strange!. Why? The firing itself was strange. Four-Star General Stanley McChrystal (even after being fired he’s still a Four-Star General with full rights and retirement benefits), one of the nations most political, knowledgeable and media savvy high, military officials made what the media and politicians of both parties said, was a foolish media mistake. He criticized, publicly, the Obama administration’s top officials’ handling of the war in Afghanistan.

But was it a mistake? Remember, he gave the interview to Rolling Stone magazine. My thinking is that it was not a mistake, not a foolish, stupid mistake, but rather just the opposite—a clever way of criticizing the war in Afghanistan and while getting himself out of it. I think he wanted to get fired to get out of the war with his life, his honor, and his four-stars—while at the same time, publicly criticizing the war!

Thank you!

Your friend and comrade,

Joe Johnson, Chippewa Falls, WI