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“Herd Immunity”—Deadly Anti-Science Policy

By Dr. Nayvin Gordon

If COVID-19 was as lethal as Ebola, the six-million U.S. infections registered on September 1, 2020, would have already resulted in three million COVID-19 deaths. This is the reality of the murderous; let them die “herd immunity” policy the administration is intentionally following. How many deaths will they accept with this abuse and misuse of science?1

“Herd immunity” is a concept primarily used for the science of vaccinations to protect the people from dangerous infectious diseases such as measles and smallpox. Greater percentage of vaccinations (90 percent plus), mean greater protection for the population, or herd immunity.

If no vaccine is available, we use the science of Public Health to protect the people with testing, contact tracing and isolation. For a hundred years this science has been used to treat and prevent infectious disease such as sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis. The robust public health system in Taiwan has been able to suppress and eradicate COVID-19.

“Herd immunity” that follows as a result of deliberately allowing an infection to spread through the community does not protect the people, it allows them to sicken and die. This policy is responsible for the deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. now approaching a-quarter-of-a-million. Only those who survive may have herd immunity. This is the horror people faced in the 1800s before the development of the science of Public Health. This is not science but a deadly return to the Dark Ages.

Over the last 40 years the politicians have closed public hospitals and massively defunded and cut back on the people’s public health facilities to privatize the health system. Now that the for-profit system is clearly unable to protect the people, the government has abused and misused the science of “herd immunity” by intentionally promoting this homicidal policy as a legitimate scientific approach to the pandemic. It is simply eugenics, homicidal criminal negligence, and a crime against humanity.

The government did not spend trillions on the people’s Public Health System.

The government did not spend trillions on a massive national strategy to test, trace and isolate infected individuals.

The government did give trillions to bail out the financial elite of Wall Street.

How many preventable deaths are we willing to accept?

Time for a radical change, towards a society built on the people’s health needs and an egalitarian world.

—September 9, 2020