Letters to the Editors

Dear Socialist Viewpoint,

I really want to say, I’m very grateful to be alive, and have ’hella love in my heart and soul for people in general and appreciate the community here and recognize respect and acknowledge the revolutionary communities and community activists fighting for change and justice.

I wish I could participate in every action and movement to uplift people and tear down oppression. Also, being considered an essential worker I’m exposed to a lot, between COVID-19 and toxic materials at work there’s a lot of days I don’t feel well, not having a spleen makes me high risk.

I still haven’t received any unemployment insurance for the month-and-a-half I was off, so I have no choice but to get up every day before sunrise and hit the ground running. This makes it very difficult for me to relax because I live in survival mode. And today I feel sick. I hope it’s not this shit going around, it could be from the toxic materials at work, either way on the day I could either be relaxing or demonstrating, instead, I’m inside trying to recoup to do it all again next week.

This is just another example of how the system of capitalism forces people to place the value of material wealth over the value of life itself. I’m just venting and appreciating people for the work and sacrifices it takes to take care of ourselves and families. I just wish some day we, as a society, could learn to cooperate and build each other up instead of competing and tearing each other down.

The reason it’s this way is to keep the people from realizing the power in unity so we will keep participating in our own exploitation/destruction under the illusion that we can’t do anything about it.

Together we are not powerless. We are the driving force of society. Recognize that we control the means of production and deserve to live fruitfully not just merely exist.

We don’t need a ruling class exploiting and oppressing us. What we need is liberation from capitalism. When we work towards a real solution, symptoms of a false sense of power like racism, sexism, child exploitation, pollution and poverty will be under light of exposure to properly address.

It’s all tied together and derives from the capitalist quest for more. This is what we addicts refer to as the disease of addiction. And we do recover.

Peace and Power to the People!

—Johnny Gould, Follow @tandino415 on Instagram

Dear Editors,

The making of the virus named Pharaoh Trump

Let’s make America white again. Oh! I mean great again. Black people, whether they admit it or not, believe they don’t deserve to be treated equal with whites.

The proof: Look how many years we have accepted being treated like shit, begging for people to recognize our humanity. The truth is, no one can take that humanity from us. You have to give that up. But first you have to recognize that you deserve respect like any other human being. But white people—not all—but enough to sell the sickness, have been taught to equate success with money or their status in life, the need to feel you are top human in life.

I know they will put this off on being racist. But, how else can anyone explain the election of the “virus” named Trump? And now, like all plagues, the virus has white-Black and other—no special color and all of us are infected now.

One of the hardest things to admit when you make a mistake as big as this one is to look inward and say, “I fucked up!” Everyone around this “virus” Trump has lost their self-respect. Look at them! Everyone around this virus has lost any and all credibility, if they had any to begin with. Even religious leaders bow to the virus like it’s God. The virus Trump has made cowards out of most of Americans and even worse, the scab has been pulled off for all to see, and they still bow down to Pharaoh Trump, the virus.

—Major Tillery

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