Incarceration Nation

PennCELLvania’s Disease of White Supremacy Spreads to Tennessee

By Muti A. Ajamu-Osagboro

PennCELLvania’s disease of white supremacy, which feeds it’s “forrest of cages,” has spread to Tennessee. Or, should we say, TenneCantSee justice for Afrikan Children.

It all unfurled, like an episode from a series on the SciFi Channel, except it was all too real. The truth was all too damning. In Ruthford County, Tennessee, a judge, Donna Scott Davenport, imprisoned a group of children for the charge of “Criminally responsible for the conduct of another.” In this instance, Judge Davenport charged them for allegedly “watching a fist fight between others.” It was reported by Gerald Harris, and he seemed to be surprised to discover, that one of the judge’s most shocking hurdles was that there was no such law on the books of Tennessee. No one seemed to be shocked that all these children were Black.

Still even worse, it came out, since she had been on the bench, among all the children who had ever come before this judge, she had imprisoned 48 percent of them, while the national average, per judge, is four percent. Can anyone say “bonified devil?”

This is one of the hidden pernicious elements of the ongoing Maafa (Afrikan HellaCost) that rarely, if ever at all, is analyzed in depth with the specificity of which Black and Brown children are targeted and hunted down for removal from society as part of an overall practice of the amerikkkan courts. The Maafa is the Afrikan HellaCost of European and Arab genocide against Afrikans (continental and diasporic.) Also think of the so-called Boarding Schools for the Lakota, Sioux, Apache, and other First Nations children who were kidnapped by white court agents, and isolated in, and restricted to these “schools” of literal genocide—raped of their lives, families, language, food, dress, song, dance, hair, sexuality, body safety and original education and culture.

Professor Atiba Goff has skillfully highlighted that this type of behavior, by agents of the court, is common place within the intricate operation of amerikkkan courts and how it systematically “dehumanizes Black children” in his timely study titled, “The Essence of Innocence: The Consequences of Dehumanizing Black Children”—a must read for anyone seeking to freedom fight these injustices.

The state of PennCELLvania is world infamous for putting more Black and Brown children in prison to die than any other jurisdiction in the world, and Philadelphia is far and away the epicenter of death by imprisonment. The only difference is that in Filthydelphia, the judge would likely be one of several Blackface white supremacist, that the local court system keeps on speed dial. Tennessee is trying to go the way of PennCELLvania, one large group of Black and Brown children at a time.

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