Letter to the Editors

Dear Editors,

At the end of June 2022, 53 men and women from Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico baked to death in the back of a locked semitruck abandoned on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas, by human smugglers.

Both the Democratic and Republican Parties are guilty of setting up death traps for Latin Americans who need to get jobs in the United States to help their families survive. During 2021, 650 migrants lost their lives crossing into the United States. The working and middle classes gain absolutely nothing by abstaining from giving unconditional solidarity with our Latin American brothers and sisters.

Latin America has been turned into an economic wasteland devastated by the intervention of the United States with embargos, armed interventions, and the propping up of murderous dictators and their militaries. Chile, Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, have experienced mass murder of their populations when their people rose up to get compensated for their labor and to live within a normal electoral democracy without police and military terror. The United States could not stand to see their enterprises' profits compromised or have even one nation stand up to the United States like Cuba has done.

The United States is built on trifecta components of slavery, confiscation of Native American Lands, grand theft of the richest of lands belonging to the Republic of Mexico. The United States is built on parasitic foundations that are now beginning to crumble beyond repair. How tragic and ironic it is that the vast lands that made the United States the richest country in the world, stolen from the Republic of Mexico and the First Nations are beginning to dry out, on their way to becoming deserts.

The Latin American migrants are the allies of U.S. working people. When they come into the United States, they often work in the nursing homes, huge capitalist farms and the meat packing plants where conditions are dangerous and low paying. The U.S. working and middle classes need to make alliances with our natural class allies, the immigrants. Our combined numbers will be needed when all workers have to go into struggle with the U.S. ruling class to secure livings that don't keep us poor or wreck our bodies…We need to unite just to save the very planet we inhabit.

Fifty-three good human beings, with heroic stories, were forced on the road to find a way to survive. Just like great warriors, they were delivered a torturous death, baked alive in the back of a semi-truck. The U.S. ruling class agents blame the human traffickers who abandoned the semi-truck. Yes, they are apprehended. The real criminals who created the circumstances for these good people's death-the U.S. ruling class and their Democrat and Republican Party servants have so far escaped what is coming to them.

—Brian Schwartz