Letters to the Editor

A Request for Knowledge

By Ronnie Doak

Dear editors of Social Viewpoint and readers alike,

I would like to thank you for the July/August issue of Socialist Viewpoint. I am a first time reader but a long time supporter for understanding, investigation, and practice of a more subtle way of life. I cannot say with certainty that I completely understand your whole viewpoint, not because I choose to but because my lack of knowing Marxism and it’s principals have been stunted by my inability to buy books since I am currently in prison and have been for the last nine years.

All that I’ve read in this issue speaks to my heart and all the articles published speak the truth. I am certainly interested in learning more about Marxism and all such teachings, and I am making an appeal to the readers of your magazine for information via mail. Being locked up has allowed me the perspective of understanding all the ways we are going wrong. We are ghosts, we have a message, but who will hear it?

I am willing for anybody out there wanting to fire away questions about California incarceration and it’s effects to please write me and I will be more than willing to share what I have lived and come to know. In return I am interested in learning more about socialism and Marxism, if any one out there is willing to send me informational literature. I wish I had the means to purchase your magazine but do not at the moment.

I am compelled to keep searching for a way to spread the love of understanding. Where we are unified by love and not separated over land, territory, and resources.

Where we are all on the same ground and where the madness of man is finally revealed (capitalism).

My appeal is for knowledge. If anybody out there is reading this, my address is:

Ronnie Doak #V24778

N.K.S.P. Firehouse #06

P.O. Box 5000

Delano, CA 93216

Again thank you for the articles and thank you for standing up for prisoners. Were not all bad, and we can change. I am living proof. May your day be filled with joy, and your fight for justice reign victorious.

P.S. I will accept and write to all who want to correspond.