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Make the Rich Pay the National Debt

Stop the neo-fascist “Freedom Caucus” threats to default on our Social Security Program—
make the Rich pay down the National Debt Now!

By Dr. Nayvin Gordon

Fascism: a political movement of nationalism, racism, militarism, sexism, xenophobia….

According to the August 7, 2017 New York Times, the neo-fascist Freedom Caucus “is fixated on cutting entitlement spending” and if these cuts are not made, “they’ll refuse to vote on raising the debt ceiling.”1

The Government owes the Social Security Trust Fund three trillion dollars that they have borrowed over the last decades. They have used the money to fund endless wars and bailout big banks and corporations. Now the politicians want to cut $72 billion from Social Security Disability Insurance (S.S.D.I.) to pay back other debts they owe to the banks, corporations and Wall Street financial institutions. Politicians borrowed billions for years because they have given massive tax breaks and subsidies to the rich, corporations and banks, who now sit on over two trillion dollars in cash.2

The Republican’s monstrous plan is to pay back the debt to the rich and to default on the Government’s debt to the American wage earners.

A default on S.S.D.I. would most severely affect the most vulnerable, poor and minorities.3 This program covers severely disabled workers, such as those with kidney failure and the blind. We cannot allow this racist cutback to happen. Such a brutal budget proposal brings to mind the horrible history of German Nazi extermination of the disabled, because they were considered “useless eaters.”4 The rich, who are hoarding trillions of dollars, must pay for the capitalist economic crisis that they helped to create!

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” —Edmond Burke5

Millions in motion can protect and expand Social Security. Now, let’s get organized.

Dr. Nayvin Gordon is a family physician living in Oakland, California; he has written many articles on health and politics.