Incarceration Nation

Pennsylvania’s Department of Corruption

By Terrance D. Brown

Introduction: Pennsylvania prisoner Terrance Brown has submitted a lengthy article to Socialist Viewpoint detailing a wide range of corruption and cruelty within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections—PADOC— including criminality of the prison administrators and guards (criminality that includes murder, rape, and extreme violence.) Mr. Brown also details the role of the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officer Association—the guard “union”— in “violating every policy with impunity.” Mr. Brown exposes massive drug dealing by guards, which they blame falsely on the prisoners. Frequent lockdowns limiting exercise for the prisoners and very poor food are also subjects in this article. We are printing an excerpt of the article about the food and hope to present other sections in future issues. —The Editors

They literally feed us “animal food.” They have boxes in their kitchen freezers that say, “Not for human consumption, animal feed only.” The food looks dangerous and it’s easy to spot the grotesque looking hamburgers. Most of the food they serve is put in the trash bins. I am positive that if they served 10,000 pounds of food a day, that over 5,000 pounds goes to the trash bins because prisoners aren’t animals.

This is not just at one prison. All Pennsylvania state prisons (29 in all) eat the same menu. The food smells like an animal whose entrails have just been removed. They serve no meat in PADOC. Everything is processed poultry of unknown origins or substances based on soybeans. Not one true meat item is served. Breakfast is in name only. They serve about eight spoons of dry cereal and breakfast is over. They give us roughly 100 calories for breakfast.

Every meal is a process of eat to live or eat to die. It is truly pathetic watching human beings eat what appears to be vomit. Most prisoners won’t even touch the meal trays due to the overwhelming revulsion it inspires knowing that the slop that farmers throw on the ground to feed their pigs is the same disgusting sort of “feed” that our state governor allows prisoners to consume.

Do not take the word of a convicted felon. Do the research yourself by simply Googling this: “Federal prisoners in Pennsylvania intentionally fed dog food by the prison staff.” Yep, even within the Federal Prison of Pennsylvania the dietary managers purposely sought out less expensive means to feed the prisoners. The solution? They purchased dog food and fed it to the prisoners. Once the scandal broke, the prison stuck to their racist, anti-humanity, arrogant bliss by telling a federal court judge that “yes, we feed prisoners dog food because dog food is not harmful to humans!”

Now, here in the state prison system they’ve become “enlightened” and delight in serving “animal feed”—a more upscale version of “dog food” I assume.

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