Arsenal of Marxism

From the Arsenal of Marxism:
Archived Writings on the Foundations of Socialism

On the Jewish Question

By Peter Buch

Why Socialism?

By Albert Einstein

How Can the Jews Survive?

By George Novack

For a Workers’ United Front Against Fascism

By Leon Trotsky

Friedrich Engels and Primitive Communism

By Michael Löwy

Learn to Think

Letter to The New International, By Leon Trotsky

Freedom and Slavery: The Birth of Capital

By Josh Holroyd

The Right of Nations to Self-Determination

By Vladimir Ilich Lenin

"Art for all! Science for all! Bread for all!"

By Cliff Conner and Erik Wallenberg

The Long View of History

By William F. Warde (George Novack)

Nationalism or Internationalism? - Part 2

By Chris Kinder

Nationalism or Internationalism?  - Part 1

By Chris Kinder

Dismantling Domination

An Interview with C.J. Polychroniou

Antifa and the Perils of Adventurism

By Louis Proyect

Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism

By Leon Trotsky


By Farrell Dobbs

Trotsky’s Testament

By Leon Trotsky

Cuba and World Socialist Revolution

By Nat Weinstein

The 1946 Oakland General Strike

By Cal Winslow

Another Depression, Another Occupation

By Louis Proyect

‘The 99 Percent’

Excerpts of a Speech By Major General Smedley D. Butler

Socialism and Democracy

A Speech by James P. Cannon

Socialism and Anarchism

By William Morris (1899)

Twenty Years After the Fall: Leon Trotsky Speaks

Conceived, Edited and Introduced by Murray E.G. Smith

Socialism or Barbarism!

by Rosa Luxemburg

Whither France?

by Leon Trotsky

Publishing State Secrets

Leon Trotsky

Trade Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay

Leon Trotsky

Background to The Transitional Program

Rod Holt

Introduction to the Transitional Program

Nat Weinstein

The Transitional Program:
The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks Of the Fourth International

Leon Trotsky

If America Should Go Communist

Leon Trotsky

Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism

Leon Trotsky

Theses on the American Revolution

James P. Cannon

Pacifism As The Servant of Imperialism

Leon Trotsky

Their Morals and Ours

Leon Trotsky

Theses on the American Revolution

James P. Cannon

Introduction to the Jewish Question

Nat Weinstein

The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation

A. Leon

The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

To the Memory of the Old Man

James P. Cannon

My Decision to Join the Trotskyist Camp in 1928

James P. Cannon

Wage Labor and Capital Introduction by Frederick Engels

Karl Marx

The Structure of the Soviet System

John Reed

Why Socialism?

By Albert Einstein