Incarceration Nation

Red Horizons

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

The images were startling—New York City, summer 2023. Its horizon lit by a ruby-red sky, as sunlight tries to shine through smoke and ash from Canada’s roaring fire season. First came the shock that Canada had a “fire season.” I thought it had only four seasons. Second was learning that Canada had over four-hundred fires, raging on its eastern forest shores.

Then, the smoke from these fires swings southwards to over fifteen U.S. states, closing schools and businesses, and here in Pennsylvania, prisons. This is some stunning stuff! New York City and its famous skyline obscured by red smoke made the city look like a skyline from “Krypton,” like the SciFi movie. New York City for one day scored the “most polluted city on earth.”

Will this become an annual event? In ten years, how many people will be made sicker with asthma or perhaps lung cancer? Who can say? Is climate change real or a hoax? Look out your window for it’s clear like the nose on your face.

Prison Radio, June 9, 2023

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